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What's Next?

After taking the time to reflect on both my previous degree work and my personal practice, I have explored my current ways of working and the skills I want to develop and improve.  I would like to have some clear goals for this course that will enhance my personal work and take me to the next level of my career.

2D illustration wise I would like to work on the concept of a 'Well-being' book.  An activity book.  I have started this over the past few years and have a mixed bag of designs/ideas/activities to work with.  It is far from finished and it needs to be collated in to a thoughtful order.  This is something I really want to focus on completing.

This will also encourage me to learn a new software as I want to understand how to use Adobe InDesign to lay the book out ready to get it professionally printed.  I currently make my small books and zines by hand, but for this bigger book I would like to have it printed.

Where my 3D work is concerned I want to focus on collecting a…

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